softronic or cobb software effect on gas milage

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How does softronic or cobb software effect gas milage?


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I have the Softronic Tune on my 997.2 and didn't notice any change in gas mileage. The throttle is more responsive and the car feels much stronger at about 400K and up. Good luck!


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Thanks, I asked softronic and they couldn't answer me.


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Generally speaking it depends on how often you exceed the power demands you made before the mod was made. In "normal" conditions change should be minimal at most. Unless you spend a fair amount of time at full throttle I wouldn't expect much change.


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I agree with drjoe356. Most of the time you won't even notice a change with either Softronic or the Cobb software in normal driving until you want to have some "fun." Of course, that is when you'd get lower gas mileage. If you opted for a more aggressive PDK map, is when you'd probably lose some gas mileage because of the higher rpm shift points.

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Depends how much more you
Use the right pedal. On the highway I notice no difference in my 991.2 with a Cobb protune.


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