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Just saw the ad in Panorama and decided to join.

I joined PCA 30 years ago after I had my '86 944T for a couple of years. Still have the car and added an '08 997 Turbo two years ago.

Although the 944 is in excellent condition I rarely drive it anymore because the 997 and other vehicles get the attention.

I said I would never sell the 944 but I've been giving it serious consideration since it takes up garage space and should be appreciated more.

Hit me up if you have an interest in the car and I can send a link to a bunch of photos and history documentation.
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Welcome aboard turbotom! We are living parallel lives. I've had my 951 for over 20 years, and will love it forever, but ended up getting first a 991 Turbo S and now a 992 Turbo S, so the 951 doesn't get the driving time it used to. It's still an absolute blast to drive, but it's more of an adventure than the modern cars with heated steering wheels, quiet cabin, etc. Feel free to post a for sale ad in the 944 Turbo section or the Garage Sale section, with details.


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