Should I do a 2 year Porsche Service Center inspection?

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So my 2 year interval is coming up and the manual has a bunch of items to do, however I usually do all my own maintenance on these things and with only 8k miles it's pretty clear if anything isn't right. This list includes: air filters, brake pad/fluid checks/replacement, coolant checks, windscreen washer fluid check, drive train leaks and wear, and oil change. None of these I need Porsche to do.

One item I see on the list though is "Prepare condition report for long-life guarantee" - anybody know what that means exactly?

I really have my doubts on how important this inspection is on the record for future sale of the car - especially when most people will get a pre-buy inspection anyway.
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I don’t know what the Porsche gobbledegook means - but I’m luvin’ the garage 🤣🤣🤣

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So the update from Porsche Fremont is: they simply look at paint and corrosion prevention elements to ensure they are doing their job and no early signs of failure.


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I just looked in my maintenance book and did not any about a 'report' like that. The cynic in me would say it is designed to 'encourage' people to get their car serviced at the dealer to avoid warranty fights down the road. I did look at the official warranty book and it says the warranty does not apply to any faults caused by the failure to perform required maintenance (or from aftermarket parts), and says to keep receipts as proof of maintenance. Based on that, and common sense, I'd say if you use factory parts, keep the receipts, document your work, and do the work correctly, you should be able to fend off any efforts to weasel out of the warranty. :)

In the meantime, I sure hope that 944 doesn't drip oil all over your car. ;)


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I've almost always done my in service work, alignment being one of the few things I'm not comfortable doing myself, and a lit of the things on the Porsche checklist are simply visually inspecting things, so just keep good records and save the receipts. That "condition report " thing smacks of poor translation, but Germans are usually better at that sort of thing. Japanese, not so much, my 1970 240Z manual had some real knee slappers and I wish I'd saved them. I do remember the warning about the tachometer redline, " do not exceed rpm's unless it's really necessary. " I tried to never do that.

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