Grinning in a 718

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Hi all,

Over the past couple of years, as we’ve embarked on this Porsche journey of ours (The GTS Chronicles guys), I’ve been keeping a journal of sorts - kind of my take on the experience and emotions of trying to secure our dream cars. I thought you might be interested if I shared some of those thoughts here, retroactively, just for fun. So I've created this topic where, from time to time, I'll post an entry from my journal over the past two years plus...hope you enjoy the madness.

Grinning in a 718 (Sept 2, 2020)

Today we test drove a manual 718 Boxster @ Porsche Ottawa.

Big grins on our faces. Never driven a $65,000 car before. Shift action is S2000-like, tho maybe not quite as bolt-action. Very nice tho. Startup sound was a little off-putting. Really sounds like a VW Beetle at idle! Surprising. Feels pretty special, and solid as a rock. Really put together well. Craftsmanship. It's small too, S2000-sized. In a world where vehicles seem to be trending larger and larger and larger, it's refreshing. Nice.

Certainly gave me the 'all the feels'.

~ Luke
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Great idea!

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I like my 2.5 GTS start up sound. Was at the dealer getting the side intake grille recall performed, and the mechanic started my 2.5 GTS. It made an awesome and fairly loud symphony.
Later another mechanic started a new 911- the sound- quiet.

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