A GTS Chronicles RETROSPECTIVE: Cold resignation, hot activity

Including the Spyder, GT4, and GT4RS
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Continuing my retrospective look into my journey towards Porsche ownership.

Cold resignation, hot activity (May 26, 2022 - 10 months ago)

"Here, we are reminded that the call and response of a visceral, naturally aspirated engine just cannot be replicated."

Resignation sets in. Summer 2023?

With little sign of any allocations forthcoming, and what seems to be a reduced communication channel with our salesperson, Andrew and I have pursued another tack.

We've put together a video that tells a bit of our story, and asks Porsche if they'd like to join us. Who knows who will see/hear it, but we’re trying to see if we can get it in front of some like-minded people at Porsche. Thanks to Andrew's work colleagues, Adrienne, Will, Misha Charoudin, and the good guys at Carfectionfilms, we think we've got something nice crafted that is short, clear and to-the-point.

Our ED contact seems to get it, and has talked up him getting in touch with other people at Porsche. Perhaps media at Leipzig. Who knows?

It's a nice distraction for me, helping stave off the doldrums and the downbeat nature of not having much hope left of allocations this summer. We've spoken (briefly) with Christina the Salesperson, who doesn't have much to say other than it's unlikely we will get two allocations together, and how although we are 'first in line' we could be passed over by her bosses for some other buyer with a more attractive (read lucrative/profitable) build.


All we can do is wait.

Well, not all, actually. We will charge ahead with some media work to tell the story we are shaping. A website. The video. And an Instagram account chronicling our journey to date. Here’s hoping someone of influence sees it at Porsche and flips a switch for us.

We'll call it 'The GTS Chronicles'.

~ Luke